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Peyton Manning being pursued for primetime gigs by ESPN, Fox

March 24 2018, 07:52 | Van Peters

ESPN and FOX are in tug-of-war battle for Peyton Manning

ESPN and FOX are in tug-of-war battle for Peyton Manning

Without Gruden, a staple on ESPN's Monday night broadcasts for many years, the network can take a look at revamping the whole broadcast.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, both ESPN and FOX Sports is hard after Manning to hold down each's prime time National Football League analyst position in 2018 and beyond.

Manning retired from the National Football League following the 2016 season and immediately became a popular candidate to join the TV booth.

A replacement for Jon Gruden is still in the works for ESPN.

Manning's been approached before about television analyst gigs, including by Fox, but he's been hesitant about jumping in. Instead, he's stated that his ultimate goal is to take the John Elway-type route to the front office (or even ownership much like Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter).

The pursuit of Peyton Manning won't be easy. "We like Peyton Manning, ' Druley said". That would include a change at the play-by-play spot, which was manned by Sean McDonough last season to mixed reviews. Gus Johnson is a candidate for that role, according to The Post. There was a feeling that McDonough lacked chemistry with Gruden, plus National Football League officials have not been fans of some of McDonough's critiques on officiating, among other topics.

Ultimately, no amount of money may be enough to get Manning to become an on-air analyst. Now that Manning is a free agent once again, he's just as sought after as before, although for an entirely different job opportunity this time around.

In all reality, this isn't going to happen. I know that sounds conceited, and yes he may be a natural on TV, but those jobs aren't for possibly the greatest QB of all time. Coming into 2017 a lot of people were excited about Rex Ryan being on TV because of his entertaining, firey personality as a coach.

I don't want to remember Peyton like that.

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