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NEW NUCLEAR POLICY: China accusses USA of 'Cold War' mentality

June 19 2018, 02:28 | Irvin Gilbert

US China will need to work together for their armies to become a stabilising factor in Sino-US relations and in the region | Reuters

US China will need to work together for their armies to become a stabilising factor in Sino-US relations and in the region | Reuters

"Most of these warheads are of the type that can destroy entire cities, but the USA also deploys bombers in Europe that are capable of dropping bombs with lower explosive yields", Fleming said, warning that any US nuclear buildup may lead to "a renewed arms race and a more risky world".

The US, which possesses the world's largest nuclear weapons arsenal, should conform to the irreversible world trend of peace and development rather than run in the opposite direction, state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Ren as saying.

The Russian foreign ministry accused the United States of warmongering, and said it would take "necessary measures" to ensure Russian security.

The new policy - the first update of the Nuclear Posture Review since 2010 - pushes modernization of USA nuclear weapons, infrastructure and delivery systems.

China has strongly rebuffed the claim in the US' latest Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), that Beijing is engaging in increasingly aggressive behavior.

The review, the first of this kind since 2010, also calls for a "lower-yield" option with less powerful explosive capacity for ballistic and cruise missiles launched from submarines.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif earlier warned in a tweet that the United States policy document posed the risk of "bringing humankind closer to annihilation".

Russian Federation developing undersea nuclear torpedo
In addition, a new nuclear-armed cruise missile launched from naval vessels would be developed, a process likely to take years. The latest thinking was revealed in a Pentagon policy statement known as the Nuclear Posture Review ( NPR ).

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed "deep disappointment" at the plan.

The Pentagon document, which is largely in line with the previous review in 2010, said the U.S. would modify a small number of submarine-launched ballistic missile warheads with low-yield options.

The U.S. has begun to replace aging components in each part of the triad: the Ohio-class nuclear submarine is being replaced by Columbia-class nuclear submarines, land-based Minuteman III missiles will start being replaced in 2029 and a new B-21 Raider bomber jet will start replacing old bombers in the mid-2020s, according to the review. Modifying some submarine-launched nuclear warheads to give a lower-yield detonation. It overturns years of Obama-era policy that sought to reduce the size and power of the United States' nuclear arsenal.

The defence ministry in Beijing said Washington had played up the threat of China's nuclear threat, adding that its own policy was defensive in nature.

China criticized the United States' new nuclear weapons policy Sunday as outlined in a Department of Defense report as a "Cold War Mentality".

This isn't the first time that China has used the Cold War label to denounce USA policy. Late a year ago it denounced Washington's updated defence strategy and urged the U.S. to abandon "outdated notions".

The document also says China continues to increase the number, capabilities and protection of its nuclear forces.

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