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NBA All-Star Game 2018 in Los Angeles this weekend

March 22 2018, 05:50 | Van Peters

NBA All-Star Game 2018 in Los Angeles this weekend

NBA All-Star Game 2018 in Los Angeles this weekend

Quavo, who was actually a record-setting quarterback during his high school days, displayed phenomenal b-ball during the game. It has also paired some old friends together in what could be an explosive, high-scoring game, writes Mark Kirwan.

The evening ended with the Team World young guns upstaging America's Rising Stars quite easily, 155-124, at the Staples Centre in front of another full house. I respect that. Team Clippers has 11 second chance points. The Cavs defeated the Thunder 120-112 in their final game before the All-Star break.

Ahead of the 2018 NBA All-Star weekend, the Sacramento Kings have announced their bid proposal to host a future NBA All-Star game. Some writers have suggested to make the game have incentive such as playing for charity or, for some advantage later on in the season, Those talks haven't been met with much traction, but Silver made the executive move to double the prize of each players on the winning team from $50,000 to $100,000. "For some players, they just want to see [the game] being worth their time". However, Love, Cousins, Porzingis and Wall will all miss due to injuries.

Doing the star turn for Team World was Bogdan Bogdanovic who scored 26 points and was involved in six assists besides. We changed the format for the first time. "Team LeBron is not cursed".

But here's the rub: James' replacement players - Paul George, Andre Drummond, Goran Dragic and Kemba Walker - are all quite talented, and the National Basketball Association has sweetened the pot.

In the age of reality TV, an All-Star draft led by its two biggest superstars seems ideal for prime-time. With a night loaded with fans favorites including the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, JBL Three-Point Contest, Verizon Slam Dunk, the night should play like a live-action highlight reel until Brandon Flowers and company take the stage.

If you're outside the USA, it may be a bit trickier to get a stream of the NBA All-Star game, but it is possible using Sling TV, a VPN and a PayPal account.

If the National Basketball Association continues to keep the roster sizes as is, and puts all the power in the hands of the fans, the same players and teams will always be the All-Stars, leaving those less seen, but every bit as worthy, players from smaller markets left to watch the game from home. Sadly, injuries marred what could have been a super team for Lebron.

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