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Marvericks In The Mist Of Sexual Assault Allegations

March 22 2018, 05:52 | Irvin Gilbert

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

SI published an article detailing the hostile workplace the Mavericks harbored over the past two decades.

"The Mavericks organization takes these allegations extremely seriously", the team said in the statement. He spent 18 years with the team.

The report focuses partly on Terdema L. Ussery II, the National Basketball Association team's former president and CEO.

"It's very disappointing. It's heartbreaking", the 39-year-old said, per Sefko. I'm glad it's all coming out. "I didn't read the police report on that until just [Tuesday], and that was a huge mistake obviously". "I was shocked by some of the stuff".

Ussery, who was investigated by the team over similar claims in 1998, denied the allegations in a statement to SI.

TMZ reported that the team also came under fire when a former writer for the Mavericks website was able to keep his job despite facing multiple harassment claims.

Speaking on Monday's episode of the House Call with Dr. J podcast, Cuban said it was the Mavericks' best interest to lose games on objective and improve their chances of landing a higher draft pick, a strategy known as tanking.

An investigation is being conducted, but the Mavericks released a statement about the incident and the allegations against Ussery specifically. The New York firm is headed by Evan Krutoy, a specialist in sex crimes. The NBA says that it will be closely monitoring the investigation. And according to owner Mark Cuban, it's that way by design.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he was aware of Sneed's history but said he was unaware of any accusations regarding Ussery.

"I deferred to the CEO, who at the time was Terdema, and to HR".

Fans of the Dallas Mavericks are now waiting for new updates on the investigation and if Ussery will be proven guilty of committing sexual misconducts. She told Human Resources, and months later Ussery resigned.

'Obviously there's a problem in the Mavericks organization and we've got to fix it, ' Cuban told the magazine. There's all these things that can happen if you don't play your minutes hard.

Women complained to SI that Pittman was unhelpful about their reports of Ussery's behavior.

According to the NBA, Cuban's comments were detrimental to the league. In a report by Sports Illustrated, several former women employees addressed the crooked misogynist behavior that occurred in the Mavericks workplace.

The SI story also says that some men and women in the organization were uncomfortable with Pittman's openly conservative stances on matters such as gay marriage, abortion and immigration.

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