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Has bold-looking Red Bull repeated its 2017 mistake?

March 22 2018, 05:58 | Van Peters

2018 Red Bull F1 car

2018 Red Bull F1 car

While nothing has been officially announced by either party, it is widely thought that Renault will no longer supply engines to Red Bull from the end of this season, leaving the Austrian outfit with severely limited options. "Today Daniel Ricciardo is taking the all-new Aston Martin Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB14 for a spin at Silverstone Circuit as we conduct a pre-season filming day", Red Bull said in a statement. Danny Ric is the man putting the Renault-engined chassis through its paces.

They hope the RB14 will enable them to challenge for the championship this time.The Australian also had no problems with the new "halo" head protection device, which rises from a central pillar in front of the driver and is mandatory this season."So far I can see fine with the halo".

Red Bull had to cut short the filming day of its newly-released 2018 Formula One vehicle after Daniel Ricciardo crashed at Silverstone.

Major differences for 2018 include the introduction of the Halo safety device (which is likely to change shape slightly with aerodynamic additions), and the loss of shark fins, T-wings, and "monkey seats" at the rear of the vehicle. "It is a disadvantage if your drivers take away points from each other, but I believe we are not in the situation to go for the title already this year".

Ricciardo was giving the team's striking-looking 2018 design its first run at a wet Silverstone just hours after the first images of the vehicle were released. Honestly, unless there's stuff above, I don't see any issues at all on a flat track. It's not doing anything that scares me and I can already feel that the rear of the vehicle feels pretty settled, even in these poor conditions.

Powered by a TAG Heuer branded Renault engine, the auto is expected to run in the distinctive colour scheme in testing before reverting to a more recognisable livery for the first race of the year in Australia. "Those are encouraging early signs", said Ricciardo.

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