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Gunman targeted YouTube couple in home invasion

March 22 2018, 05:48 | Perry Erickson

Jay Janner

Jay Janner

Police found notes on Giles' phone recording threatening thoughts, particularly towards Free. The couple awoke to the sound of a gunshot and shattering glass, before hearing someone enter the house through the back door.

The official ruling on cause of death is pending but investigators believe Giles died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound..

Christopher Eric Giles, 23, of Albuquerque, N.M.

YouTube stars Gavin Free and Meg Turney were forced to hide in their bedroom closet and call 911 when an "obsessed" fan drove 11 hours from New Mexico to break into their home.

A man from New Mexico allegedly broke into the home of a famous YouTube couple before a fatal police shooting.

Police determined "it was apparent that Giles' sole intent was to cause harm to someone who resides there", KVUE reported. Neither Free nor Turney were harmed in the incident.

Gavin Free is the creator of the Slow Mo Guys channel on YouTube along with Daniel Gruchy; the duo created a YouTube ad-supported original series that launched last month.

Police say security footage shows Giles searching the home for residents while holding a gun, the Albuquerque Journal reports. He ran into police officers in the driveway, where he was ultimately shot dead. Apparently, Giles had "developed a fondness of Turney yet resented Free for his lifestyle and success", according to the search warrant.

Giles is accused of breaking into Turney's and Free's house in the 4500 block of Avenue G on January 26.

Police searched Giles' phone, where they found multiple notes in which he talks about Turney and Free by name.

Austin police say Giles fired both inside and outside the house, and when he fired at police, Officer Matthew Jackson returned fire.

They also found evidence that Giles had been planning the "burglary and homicides of Megan Turney and Gavin Free" at his home.

Albuquerque detectives said Giles lived alone, and often played video games and watched YouTube videos.

"I want to give a huge thanks to Austin Police for the wonderful response time".

Meanwhile, fellow YouTubers and fans expressed their love and support for the Internet personalities following the scary incident online. "It's been a rough time for Meg and myself the last few weeks but we are doing ok".

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