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Google sued by an ex-employee over supporting pro-diversity posts

March 22 2018, 05:58 | Alexander Lowe

Google engineer says he was fired for posts defending diversity

Ex-Google engineer: I was fired for being too liberal

But after he pushed back against the "online bullying" he and others were suffering at the hands of colleagues, Google terminated him, Chevalier claimed.

Tim Chevalier - the software engineer in question claims that Google fired him in November 2017 after he responded to the highly controversial anti-diversity memo written by James Damore. In the paper, he stated that the company's attempts to enhance the diversity were misguided, noting that the biological difference between men and women was practically the only reason. The lawsuit claimed Google discriminates against white men and conservatives.

In an emailed statement, Google defended its termination of Chevalier.

The site reliability engineer, Tim Chevalier, claimed in the suit that the Mountain View tech giant's workplace culture was discriminatory toward minorities. Even at one point saying "that wasn't what we hired you for". These efforts have left some Google employees concerned that they will face professional consequences if they voice support for Google's diversity and inclusion efforts and wondering if the company's HR system is being gamed by employees who want to stamp out diversity initiatives. His request to transfer to a new team was also denied. The memo was received with massive amount of criticism and Damore soon lost his job.

According to Chevalier, he was sacked six weeks after human resources met with him to discuss his posts on internal forums, in November 2017. Google also found a comment he made regarding Republicans' inability to follow community guidelines to be discriminatory.

"Human Resources explicitly told Chevalier that Google was ending his employment because of his political statements in opposition to the discrimination, harassment, and white supremacy he saw being expressed on Google's internal messaging systems", the suit claims.

"Chevalier's identity did not conform to the typical Google employee", according to the suit, which noted that the firm's employees were overwhelmingly white, male and non-transgender. Damore was sacked from the company a year ago when he authored an internal memo saying there are biological causes behind gender equality.

Last week, the US National Labor Relations Board said Google didn't break the law when it fired Damore.

"But like any workplace, that doesn't mean anything goes", she wrote.

"All employees acknowledge our code of conduct and other workplace policies".

"This is a very standard expectation that most employers have of their employees", Scigliano reportedly said.

"The overwhelming majority of our employees communicate in a way that is consistent with our policies", Scigliano continued. Instead, the company took action when such employees spoke out about their experiences with racism, sexism and homophobia at work, alleged Chevalier, who is transgender, queer and disabled.

For now, Google remains legally challenged and internally mired in the same culture war that's engulfed much of the country.

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