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Google finally unveils Gmail Go for low-RAM devices

March 24 2018, 07:52 | Guillermo Bowen

Google launches lightweight 'Gmail Go' app for Android, here's how it works

Google Releases Gmail Go Light Version for Android 8.1 Smartphones With 1GB RAM

Google has introduced a lighter version of the Gmail app - Gmail Go - which will work with devices, with basic specifications such as less than 1GB RAM or 512MB RAM.

The app offers standard Gmail features like multiple account support, conversation view, attachments, and push notifications for new messages. You can also drag it to the corners of the screen if you like, in the event you're using speakerphone or headphones and want to access the internet or another app while you're on the call. Today, the giant has released the mini version of its popular google mail app with Gmail Go.

Earlier this week, Samsung began rolling out the latest major Android OS update - Android 8.0 "Oreo" - a full five months after Google released it.

Gmail Go APK size is much smaller, around 9.51MB, compared to the original Gmail app which is as big as 20.66MB. It is designed specifically for the Android Go phone users and will be available for download from Google Play Store. The company has already unveiled the first-ever smartphone to integrate a fingerprint sensor in its display. As of now, this toned down version of the original Gmail app is available only to the Web users, and not listed on Google Play store app mobile version.

As per Google, Gmail Go blocks spam before it hits the inbox keeping the account safe. Interestingly, with Gmail Go you can read and respond both online & offline. Besides, you can also add a label to your emails to categorize them as per your requirement.

All in all, the Gmail Go app experience is identical to that of the main app - it has all the neat options like multi-select, short cuts to jump from inbox to compose mail and swipe gestures, and because this app is very light and quick, loading an email loads the entire content (including images) much faster than before.

The app includes features from the regular version like 15 GB of free cloud storage and the priority/promo inbox sorting, but other non-essential features/objects may be missing so that the app can use less ROM and RAM.

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