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Doctors successfully remove 'world's largest brain tumor'

March 22 2018, 05:42 | Rex Rios

Mumbai Doctors Removed World's largest brain tumour, weighing nearly 2kgs

Indian doctors make a major achievement

When he was finally admitted to hospital with the very big growth, his head had swelled so much that it looked like he had another head mounted on top of his.

Doctors at Mumbai's BYL Nair hospital who removed a massive brain tumour in amarathon seven-hour procedure said it could be the heaviest ever recorded.

The seven-hour procedure on shopkeeper Santlal Pal took place on February 14.

Unfortunately, Pal's brain tumor left the man blind, but the doctors expect him to regain eyesight after the surgery. Mr. Pal is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit and in stable condition. Nadkarni said that Pal was fortunate that only 10 percent of the tumor's body was inside the brain, lest the surgery would have been aborted from the start. Nadkarni said, "We have looked up medical literature from all over the world and it is the largest to be excised successfully. We have not found any tumor as big as this", Dr Nadkarni The Hindu. However it grew rapidly over the past one year. The doctors said that they hope Pal will regain his vision. Further pressure could have led to complete paralysis and neurological damage. "The part of the tumor within the skull was removed by making an opening in the skull". "We had to cut through the bone".

Scans revealed the tumor had invaded the patient's brain on both sides of the midline through his skull bone.

The cloth seller, who is 31 years old, has made a remarkable recovery following a transfusion of 11 units of blood and three days on life support.

Mr. Pal's wife Manju said that they approached three hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, but all doctors said that the tumour was inoperable.

The tumor has been sent for tests to detect malignancy (a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without any control and can occupy tissues that are near them), The Hindu reported. The 1.87-kilo (four-pound) brain tumour had affected his vision and caused constant headaches."It was a rare operation and the patient has survived".

In 2008, doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi had removed a brain tumor, which was 78 cubic inches, or the size of two baseballs, from a woman.

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