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Cornell fraternity under fire for 'pig roast' sex contest

June 19 2018, 02:31 | Irvin Gilbert

Cornell Zeta Beta Tau fraternity

Cornell Zeta Beta Tau fraternity

A Cornell University fraternity has been put on a two-year probation because some of its members were caught participating in a sex competition they called the "pig roast", according to an investigation.

As part of their mantra, pledges were forbidden from telling the women about the contest.

Yet in an 'interesting' kick to the sex contest, at the end of the competition, in the event there was a tie, the victor would be decided by the pledge who had sex with the heaviest woman. The member who had sex with the woman who weighed the most was declared a victor.

The fraternity previously came under fire in January after its University of MI chapter was found to be in violation of rules regarding hazing, reports Detroit News.

A Cornell University fraternity conducted a game in which new members competed to have sex with the most women ― and additional points were granted in the event of a tie to the contestant who had intercourse with a woman weighing the most, a school investigation revealed recently.

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In response to the allegations detailed yesterday in the Cornell Daily Sun, the brothers of the Kappa Chapter of Zeta...

Fraternity brothers deemed the competition, which took place in 2017, a "pig roast", and awarded points based on members having sex with women. In addition to a two year probationary period, Zeta Beta Tau is now required to conduct a chapter brotherhood review as well as an external review from its national organization by March 31.

A statement posted on the Zeta Beta Tau at Cornell University Facebook page said and the chapter only became aware of the allegations in December.

Cornell University is based in Ithaca, New York and is one of the highest ranking institutions in the US.

Zeta Beta Tau released a statement condemning the behavior and expressing "mutual disgust along with those who feel hurt or victimized", adding that the contests were not sanctioned by the Kappa Chapter and claimed brothers were "not aware" they were happening. "We think the IFC and the Office of Sorority and Fraternity life are uniquely poised to respond to this type of activity because we can and have mandated that the chapter now participate in programming to educate their members about sexual misconduct and help them to foster a healthy culture". "Our chapter has worked closely with the Zeta Beta Tau International Headquarters to draft and execute an action plan that addresses this alleged behavior".

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