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Calls for truce in Syria's Ghouta district

March 22 2018, 05:57 | Irvin Gilbert

Calls for truce in Syria's Ghouta district

21 2018 provided by the Syrian Civil Defense group known as the White Helmets shows members of the Syrian Civil Defense extinguishing a building during airstrikes and shelling by Syrian government forces in Ghouta

In ICRC statement on Wednesday says the medical personnel in eastern Ghouta are unable to cope with the high number of wounded and the area doesn't have enough medicines and supplies.

Some diplomats said they were hoping that Russian Federation abstain, if it is unwilling to back the ceasefire.

"We did a C-section but could not save her, nor her baby", she said. Moreover, they say the civilians who remain in the enclave are being used as human shields by the rebels, The New York Times reports.

Separately, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres voiced alarm at the situation in Eastern Ghouta and called on all sides to the conflict uphold the basic principles of humanitarian law. Based on local counts, over 700 people have been killed in three months, excluding the deaths in the last week.

Rebels have also been firing mortars on the districts of Damascus near eastern Ghouta, wounding seven people on Wednesday, state media reported.

DOZENS of children were among more than 290 victims of an horrific new bloodbath offensive launched by Russian-backed Syrian government forces yesterday.

Eastern Ghouta is mostly held by two hardline rebel groups - Jaish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman - though jihadists have a smaller foothold.

Ghouta, a suburb is one of the last rebel-controlled areas of Syria.

"They are responsible for the attacks, for the dire humanitarian situation in east Ghouta, and for the horrendous civilian death toll", Nauert said.

As many as five people were reportedly killed and over 200 were left injured in the Damascus suburb held by the rebels on Wednesday (February 21) alone, in aerial strikes by pro-Assad forces.

The Observatory said numerous planes over Ghouta appear to be Russian. Once a breadbasket of the Syrian capital, since 2013 it has been under a siege that has tightened severely over the past year.

A massive escalation in bombardment, including rocket fire, shelling, air strikes and helicopter-dropped barrel bombs, since Sunday has become one of the deadliest of the Syrian civil war, now entering its eighth year.

Officials said the horror was in danger of spiralling into an even greater catastrophe than the siege of Aleppo, which claimed 31,000 lives from 2012-16.

A United Nations spokesperson said at least six hospitals had been hit in the area on Monday and Tuesday.

What are you saying to the Russians about this issue and what means of influence do you have in order to put an end to this massacre, given that there are nearly 400,000 people in extreme distress in Eastern Ghouta.

The hospital in the town of Arbin, east of Ghouta, was hit twice on Tuesday and the Observatory said Russian warplanes had carried out the strike.

"These are groundless accusations".

The International Committtee of the Red Cross is calling for humanitarian access to Ghouta, especially to reach wounded people in critical need of treatment.

The bottom note explained and asked, "Unicef is issuing this blank statement".

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