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AT&T to launch 5G in Atlanta, Dallas, Waco

March 22 2018, 05:49 | Alonzo Simpson

A visitor walks past a 5G sign during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain

A visitors walks past a 5G sign during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain

Last November, Verizon announced that it would deploy 5G residential broadband in Sacramento and other markets this year.

Conducting 5G tests in Austin "will allow us to continue our leadership in standards-based 5G mobile deployments", AT&T said in a written statement.

AT&T will add more 5G capable mobile networks early next year, according to the company. I guess we will be able to live stream 4K 360 degree content from our smartphones!

In early January, shortly after AT&T told us that they had plans to launch mobile 5G before the end of 2018, the collective eye-roll throughout the industry could be felt far and wide.

Telecommunications experts estimate that 5G speeds will be about 10 times faster than 4G, which is presently the mobile standard. "Ultimately, this means new experiences with augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), future autonomous cars, and delivery drones", AT&T said. AT&T says it'll announce the remaining cities in the coming months. The company didn't list specific areas of the Metroplex that would have access to the network. AT&T also said it plans to virtualize 75 percent of its network by 2020, after reaching its 2017 goal of 55 percent.

"After significantly contributing to the first phase of 5G standards", said AT&T senior Vice President Igal Elbaz. That level of 5G is likely years away, though mobile 5G is a promising place to start.

The new lab in Austin will test systems, applications, equipment and devices from different vendors before these are rolled out.

AT&T will launch its first mobile device for 5G - a mobile, battery-powered Wi-Fi hotspot - in late 2018, Mansfield said.

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