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WWE Royal Rumble 2018

July 20 2018, 06:58 | Perry Erickson

WWE Royal Rumble 2018

WWE Royal Rumble 2018

If she does appear on the Women's Royal Rumble, her strength world work well in eliminating opponents over the top rope. There is nothing Vince McMahon loves more than an incredible atmosphere and, if Reigns wins, the fans will be deafening.

RUMBLE TIME Royal Rumble predictions: Nakamura?

If she's going to be in the Women's Royal Rumble: "I haven't got a call or anything".

"I'm so excited. It's really rewarding".

As for the victor, I was leaning heavily toward Asuka until she destroyed her three partners on Monday's Raw.

Rousey winning or entering the rumble could take away from the rest of the women who have gotten the division to this point. Asuka already defeated Alexa Bliss in a non-title match so they can still get to that match before or at WrestleMania. The girls are getting longer matches and cool stories and characters and I'm super proud of it.

"I think it would be awesome", she said of an appearance by Stratus. She was recently photographed having dinner with WWE COO Triple H, but she reiterated nothing is a done deal. However, this doesn't mean she enters straightaway into the main roster.

Dems give up shutdown fight
The issue of the children of illegal immigrants has been knocked down the road for about three weeks. Donald Trump said the Dems were forced to shutdown the government because they are "powerless".

Rousey, the UFC superstar on perhaps permanent hiatus from mixed martial arts, laughed as she panned the camera around the table and had her party shout out what kind of food was on their plates.

Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane for the WWE Universal Championship: Lesnar pins or submits Kane.

On the other hand, probably the player did have such an instinct as, post the match ended without a victor, Angle can now all set to offer the WWE Universe a colossal free-for-all pitting the three forces of nature which can go against each other. I'm leaving the door open ever so slightly for a Strowman win to set up a Triple Threat with Reigns and Lesnar for WrestleMania, but I'm certainly not banking on it.

Duggan, while a fan favourite, did not have any championship success while with WWE. Who could that person be? There's more teasing they have to do of Jordan's future heel turn, so it makes sense that Rollins and Jordan retain. Owens and Zayn need some conflict, too. I thought it was better than Omega-Okada, and I thought that was one of the best matches I've ever seen.

There is certainly for a specific line between honor and hubris, and the WWE Champion AJ Styles is proving itself from the on both sides of it. Perhaps the former Raw Tag Team Champions will help Balor regain his status as a main event superstar. He's not scheduled to win that though, and it wouldn't surprise me if he pulled double duty. Early on, Styles held his own, with some chain wrestling going back and forth as Zayn and Owens tagged in and out of the match.

If he were to land the odds at 7/1, he would go into Mania aiming to break Ric Flair's number of World title wins, but it's been heavily rumoured that he will be taking on The Undertaker instead. - Bobby Roode earns a DQ win against the former champ Dolph Ziggler - The Revival get their win back against Gallows and Anderson. Jinder Mahal? An NXT call-up? Alongside there will be 2 blockbuster matches where the match card actually consists of the two very strong Title matches also.

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