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Roseanne Claims She'd Be A 'Better President Than Oprah'

July 20 2018, 08:35 | Perry Erickson

Roseanne Claims She'd Be A 'Better President Than Oprah'

Roseanne Claims She'd Be A 'Better President Than Oprah'

During a Television Critics Association panel discussion about the upcoming season of the show, Barr faced multiple questions from reporters about her, and her character's, support for Trump.

If you're thinking, hey, wait a minute, those don't sound like new shows, congratulations for paying attention.

The main character's political views will mirror those of Barr herself, who so frequently offers blunt, pro-Trump opinions on Twitter that many users have called for a boycott of the reboot with the hashtag #BoycottRoseanne.

Barr, a Trump supporter during the 2016 election, told reporters at the panel that she's no "Trump apologist" and that he's said a lot of stuff that she doesn't agree with, when asked about the president's xenophobia.

In the past, Barr has not shied away from discussing her dislike of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton saying, "Hillary owns the press...people in this country are not allowed to say anything except for that they love Hillary, or they'll be harassed, especially on social media, until they leave or hang their head in shame..."

Barr and executive producer Bruce Helford were cagey when asked how the show differs from its earlier version. Now, in the show's 2018 revival (debuting in March), Roseanne is a Trump supporter, while her sister Jackie is anything but, which has caused a rift between the two. "Actually, I think I would be a better president than Oprah or Susan Sarandon, possibly even President Trump".

"There's no show that's dealing in the same way with these kinds of issues", Helford said.

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"I said it, and I'll say again, my show has always been ..."

Ahead of the show, Barr and Goodman's co-star, Lady Bird's Laurie Metcalf, talked to ET's Kevin Frazier about the "rush" of feelings she felt returning to the set where she spent so much time. Barr ran for president with the Peace and Freedom Party in 2012.

"Are you sure?" Sara Gilbert responded.

And though her TV alter ego supports Trump, Barr sats the president "says a lot of insane s-".

"Part of what's going on is that people feel like they can't disagree and still love each other or still talk to each other".

The reboot, 21 years after its nine-season run ended, immediately dives into contemporary politics with family members arguing for and against President Trump. "What a great thing to bring into this country right now".

"There are a lot of things he's said and done I don't agree with, like there's probably a lot of things Hillary Clinton has done and said that you don't agree with", she continued.

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