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Renewed Housing Assistance For Puerto Ricans Displaced By Hurricane Maria

January 22 2018, 12:36 | Irvin Gilbert

Murphy, Blumenthal To Tour Puerto Rico's Storm Damage

Senators Head To Puerto Rico To See Ongoing Devastation

"The disaster that hit Puerto Rico was devastating", the senator said.

In an impromptu news conference during a visit in Jacksonville Tuesday at the St. Johns Marine Group company on Heckscher Drive, Scott detailed how hundreds of thousands of storm refugees have left Puerto Rico and landed in Florida since Maria slammed the island September 20.

For more than three months, residents of the US territory have been struggling to recover from the Category 4 storm's path of destruction.

Scott said Florida has everything the evacuees need to call the state home.

Greene told 22News prices at hotels and restaurants in Puerto Rico are lower to help bring in more tourists. "The one in Orlando we moved into Orange County recently, but we've seen about 35,000 people come to our relief centers".

"We're doing everything from helping people get a job to helping them get housing to helping them get into the right schools", Scott said.

"We haven't thought of going to Puerto Rico, especially with all of the trouble they have had down there, it's really low on our list", said Paul Calcari of Greenfield.

The governor has already made two trips over to Puerto Rico to deliver supplies. Critics say the federal government's response has been slow and weak; President Trump's administration has said federal agencies have been "fully engaged" in the recovery.

The Category 4 storm caused widespread flooding, destroyed buildings, and cut off power to much of the island. Gov. Ricardo Rosselló had promised in October to restore 95 percent of power by December 15, while the Army Corps of Engineers estimated power would be totally restored by May.

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