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President Trump Plans to End ISS Funding by 2025

July 20 2018, 06:38 | Guillermo Bowen

President Trump Plans to End ISS Funding by 2025

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However, despite this apparent opportunity for discussion, anonymous sources told the Verge that the directive to end funding for the International Space Station would be included in the final proposal to be submitted to Congress for final approval.

The ISS has been used by both government and commercial agencies in the two decades it's been operational, and is jointly managed by Canadian, European, Russian, Japanese and U.S. space agencies to test out things like the microgravity environment. Companies like Bigelow and Axiom need to start developing private markets, everything from space tourism to manufacturing products in microgravity. "There are those in the government, those at NASA, who are still trying to figure out how to get one victor, one company that will step up", said Jeff Manber, chief executive of NanoRacks, during a panel discussion at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) here January 18. However, the simple fact that it contains details that include ending support for the ISS in 2025 suggests that there is a sentiment of that nature in the White House.

According to The Verge, commercial companies like SpaceX and Boeing have said they would likely not be able build orbiting modules by the time funding for the ISS runs out in 2024.

The first ISS crew launched in 2000 and 108 astronauts - including 51 American crew members and 138 other astronauts from Nasa - have taken turns living in the floating research laboratory ever since. Commercial spaceflight companies don't want to see the station lose funding too soon, because they could then lose access to one of their primary test sites. "We have to have a completely different mindset". "It's another thing to truly let us go out there, use the bandwidth, use the resources, to have a multiplicity of platforms".

Although the work on the ISS has made a great contribution to humanity's understanding of space, it is a massive drain on NASA's (static) budget.

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At the same time, NASA would ramp up a campaign focused on the vicinity of the moon, known as cislunar space, to "establish US pre-eminence to, around and on the moon". This could be detrimental for NASA, which would cause it to have no destination for space travel. If this is true, it's only because of the flat budgets NASA faces in coming years.

"We've been working on the plan".

The proposed cut was in a draft budget reviewed by The Verge news outlet.

In the same appearance, he also touched upon the future of the ISS. We're talking about $3-4 Billion a year in funding possibly going away within the next 6 years. "Looking five years ahead is hard".

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