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Posts Audio of Trump's Actual Conversation With WSJ

July 16 2018, 01:57 | Irvin Gilbert

The Hwasong-15 ICBM test conducted late 2017

The Hwasong-15 ICBM test conducted late 2017

"I mean when you say a relationship with Korea".

This evening, President Donald Trump just sent out a tweet challenging Kim Jong Un to play chicken with nuclear war.

"Obviously I didn't say that, " Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday morning.

Trump should "sit across the table from Kim Jong Un without preconditions, work out the differences, figure out a way to build this pathway towards denuclearization, because there is so much at stake", she said. Fortunately we now record conversations with reporters and they knew exactly what I said and meant.

The story comes just a day after he allegedly used the term "shithole" to describe Haiti, El Salvador and several countries in Africa during an immigration meeting with lawmakers on Thursday.

South Korea said Mr Trump denied perusing a "bloody nose" strategy in his call with Mr Moon this week.

The estimated range of a North Korean Hwasong-15 ICBM if launched from north of Pyongyang North Korea
Above The estimated range of a North Korean Hwasong-15 ICBM if launched from north of Pyongyang North Korea

As President Trump wades through the fallout from his reported comments that Haiti and several African states are "shithole countries", a story published Friday by NBC News claims that on two separate instances, Trump made prejudiced assumptions about White House visitors due to their ethnicity. She expressed anger at the false alarm, but said it only further demonstrates that President Trump needs to address the underlying reasons that the people of Hawaii and Americans in general are facing this threat from Kim Jong-Un's regime.

The Wall Street Journal, however, defended its version of the interview.

The White House said, "Here is the official audio showing WSJ misquoting" the president.

It also released the portion of the audio disputed by the White House.

When asked by Politico's Jake Sherman why the White House waited so long to correct the Wall Street Journal, Sanders said they had asked for a correction Friday, but the paper refused.

The president has repeatedly attacked media outlets that publish critical reporting of his administration as fake news. But if I were them I would try. Kim has responded by calling the United States president a "mentally deranged U.S. dotard". "If something can happen and something can come out of those talks, that would be a great thing for all of humanity", he told reporters.

Japan confirms sub spotted near Senkakus was Chinese
A foreign submarine was also detected in the same area on Wednesday as well as on Thursday, according to Japan's Defense Ministry. The crisis management mechanism, however, excludes Japan's territorial waters and air space around the disputed Senkaku Islands.

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