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LaVar Ball Torched Luke Walton For Having 'No Control' Over The Lakers

July 23 2018, 12:07 | Van Peters

Vitale was less jarred by Ball making life miserable for his son Lonzo, who plays under Walton, than he was by his own company for enabling him.

Only, the interview continued, and at one point, Ball was asked plainly if he likes Walton as a coach.

Lakers executives met with LaVar Ball on November 29 to ask him to tone down comments he had made questioning Walton's rotations and overall usage of his son, the No. 2 pick in June's draft.

For his part, Walton said he was more concerned with his point guard's development than dealing with criticism from the outspoken LaVar. "We talk all the time". "I coach as if it's not".

"My only concern with any of it is for Zo", he said.

"I'm fine with it".

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"That is just his opinion", Lonzo Ball said.

Ball suggested the Lakers would be fine moving most of their team to land LeBron James, who can become a free agent next season, as long as they had some rebounders and his three sons on the roster (LiAngelo being the other).

"That's how we're going to win games", Ball said. So, he is definitely going to have a strong opinion about it.

"I don't see that our players aren't playing hard", Walton responded to Ball's father's comments. He's targeting Luke Walton as the issue once again, saying the Lakers' young coach has lost his locker room, according to a report from ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

Walton was asked whether LaVar Ball's comments could possibly influence what management is thinking about its coach and the team's rebuild.

"I feel very secure in my job status right now", he said. "We're not going to shoot well every night, but you can always play good defense". "Whatever those meetings [with LaVar Ball in the past] are, I'm not concerned with those". I know our front office and organization, they'll do whatever they have to do on their end of it, but I'm not spending my time trying to figure out what they're all doing about it. "Gr8 teacher & role model / if u don't like a situation just QUIT take ball & blame everyone / @ LukeWalton has more CLASS & HOOPS knowledge on his pinkie than LaVar!"

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