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Indian man fatally injured while filming himself with moving train

July 16 2018, 02:12 | Irvin Gilbert

Indian man fatally injured while filming himself with moving train

Another selfie accident as train hits youth

A Hyderabad man almost died while attempting a daring selfie video against moving train in the background.

Before the incident, another video also showing a young man on the tracks had also gone viral. All of sudden, train smashes into him from behind and he was badly injured after getting hit viral in a video.

R Shiva Kumar, 25, took a selfie video that shows the oncoming train approaching him as he smiles and points at it.

The gym trainer continued smiling and told his friend to wait as the train blared its horn in warning. Many commenters derided the stunt as "the height of stupidity", which the man managed to survive, Gulf News reported.

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According to Secunderabad railway police superintendent Ashok, Siva who was on a visit to his brother in law's house, came to Borabanda railway station and wanted to take a selfie.

According to medical reports, Siva is undergoing treatment at a private hospital for serious injuries to his head and hands but is said to be in a stable condition, outlookindia.com reports. T Siva thought it would be a great idea to take the video as the train got closer and closer but not only did it leave him with injuries but also a fine.

A youth in his early 20s suffered serious head injuries after his insane video for a "perfect" selfie alongside the railway tracks went wrong.

Witnesses said the 33-year-old man was holding his phone up in the hair in front of the approaching Amtrak train.

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