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Holidaymaker killed in hot air balloon crash in Luxor

January 22 2018, 01:51 | Irvin Gilbert

Holidaymaker killed in hot air balloon crash in Luxor

A hot air balloon carrying foreign tourists over the southern Egyptian city of Luxor has crash-landed killing one passenger and injuring 12 others. The crash which happened on Friday is thought to have been caused by bad weather conditions which blew

The crash, to the west of the city of Luxor, happened due to bad weather conditions, the news agency said, according to Reuters. It is understood tourists of various nationalities were on board.

New Zealanders are understood to have been involved in a fatal hot air balloon crash in Egypt. The injured included tourists from Spain, South Africa and Argentina. According to Egyptian local news outlet Ahram Online, the dead tourist was a USA citizen.

The crash was caused by strong winds that led the driver to lose control over the balloon as he was landing, according to the governor's statement. No other details regarding the incident were available, KLMTY reported.

The hot air balloons also offer views of the Valley of the Kings, where pharaonic nobility were buried.

Since then, balloon rides have been monitored by cameras and banned from flying above 2,000 meters. In 2013, 19 foreign tourists were killed when their balloon caught fire. The hot air balloon service is heavily promoted in Luxor, often mentioned as the best way to tour the city.

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