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Campaign Against Human Trafficking January 20th

July 16 2018, 02:11 | Irvin Gilbert

Campaign Against Human Trafficking January 20th

Campaign Against Human Trafficking January 20th

In 2010, former President Barack Obama issued a proclamation naming January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

A 2016 state legislative study ranked Duval County fifth in the state for the number of sex trafficking cases, and the sheriff said public awareness could continue to boost the numbers. Victims are mainly targeted during travel, and those who seem vulnerable are targeted most heavily.

Human trafficking - whether labor trafficking or sex trafficking - is one of the largest and fastest-growing criminal industries in the world, just behind the drug trade.

Senator Steve Daines is supporting legislation to crackdown on online sex trafficking.

When it comes to human trafficking, it's important to notify law enforcement right away if you see something that doesn't seem right.

European Union pledges further help for Rohingya refugees
Though Myanmar says it would provide citizenship to some Rohingya , they have no reason to trust Myanmar, said Asif Munier. The UN has described the Myanmar military's treatment of the Rohingya as "textbook ethnic cleansing".

"As a prosecutor in North Alabama for 16 years, I have personally witnessed how human traffickers manipulate and virtually enslave their victims". Its a time to raise awareness about the problem and invite you to become part of the solution. "In addition, Demand An End aims to aid in the training of law enforcement and judicial officials so that they are better equipped to investigate, arrest, recognize and aggressively prosecute buyers and traffickers".

Cape Cod PATH has partnered with the Victim Assistance wing of the Department of Homeland Security and is working with a number of local organizations as well.

"I don't know by how much, but there's been increase over the last couple of years - really due to again, us being able to educate the community more, the community engaging with us more and us being able to identify more cases", he said. More information about the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force can be found atwww.ENDITAlabama.org.

To report human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 888-373-7888 or text BeFree to 233733.

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