Декабря 14 2017

Woman 'looks like Corpse Bride' after surgery to look like Angelina Jolie

Декабря 14 2017, 10:48 | Perry Erickson

To Look Like Angelina Joline, Iranian Girl Undergoes Devastating Surgeries

039;Corpse Bride': Internet slams woman who had '50 surgeries' to look like Angelina Jolie

To become a ideal look-alike of her movie idol Angelina Jolie, Sahar Tabar, a 19-year old Iranian lady has reportedly undergone fifty cosmetic surgeries in a space of few months.

According to The Sun, the teenager named Sahar Tabar, who considers herself to be the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie, said that she would do "anything" to look like her.

It's prompted some people to worry about the extreme measures she's taken.

Have you heard about the teen who allegedly underwent 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie?

Sahar's followers have posted to say she looks like a "zombie" and said her pictures make them "feel sick".

Featured recently in Belgium's Sud Info, Sahar said her goal in life is to look like the Hollywood actress.

Naysayers have pointed out that pictures on her Instagram account - which appears to be fairly new, since only about 30 photos have been posted - are inconsistent with nose and cheek placement. That nevertheless hasn't stopped intrigue and bewilderment as Sahar's social media cache and following continue to rise as the woman underneath the elaborate concoction desperately seeks to find out who she really is. She also wears a contact lens to complete her look the American actress.

Her new look - whether real or fake - has been heavily criticized on social media, with many nicknaming the waifish teen "Corpse Bride", after the 2005 animated Tim Burton film.

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