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White House Denies Report That Trump Said Haitian Immigrants 'All Have AIDS'

July 22 2018, 11:45 | Rex Rios

By James Hennessy

White House Denies Trump Said All Immigrants From Haiti “Have AIDS”

They "all have AIDS" the commander in chief allegedly said about the 15,000 Haitian visas.

When the president's first travel ban was blocked, the Times reported, Trump was "furious" and often took his anger out on White House officials.

Mr. Trump has pushed controversial immigration policies since becoming American president in January.

The refusal came in light of unsafe revealing from the New York Times, which composed that, as indicated by two anonymous authorities, Trump said amid a gathering in June that individuals originating from Haiti "all have AIDS", that current Nigerian settlers could never "backpedal to their cabins" in Africa and that Afghanistan is a psychological oppressor shelter. But as the president continued, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Miller turned their ire on Mr. Tillerson, blaming him for the influx of foreigners and prompting the secretary of state to throw up his arms in frustration.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Saturday said senior administration officials deny a New York Times report that claims the president said Haitian immigrants "all have AIDS" and that immigrants from Nigeria won't want to return to their "huts".

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The report was published on Saturday and cited anonymous sources who told The Times reporters' they were either there or had been told about the remarks by others who were there.

While Donald Trump has already made major moves to enact his strict anti-immigrant agenda, the president is reportedly deeply frustrated that he hasn't been able to do more to close America's borders to outsiders, and to expel those he feels have overstayed their welcome.

"This is bullshit", Trump said, according to the Times.

"Kelly, General (H.R.) McMaster, Secretary (Rex) Tillerson, Secretary (Kirstjen) Nielsen, and all other senior staff actually in the meeting deny these outrageous claims and it's both sad and telling The New York Times would print the lies of their anonymous sources anyway", Sanders told CBS News.

Those same two sources were the only ones who said they remembered the racist "huts" remark. But the Times says several other participants told them they "did not recall" the President using those words.

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