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Veterans Honored with Christmas Wreaths

July 20 2018, 06:32 | Irvin Gilbert

Veterans Honored with Christmas Wreaths

Veterans Honored with Christmas Wreaths

More than 50 service members teamed up with volunteers, and more than 35 other organizations to lay wreaths on the gravestones of veterans in recognition of 26th annual Wreaths Across America Day at Ivy Green Cemetery in Bremerton, Wash., Dec. 16.

"We didn't think we'd make it, but we did: 2,076, so every veteran will get a wreath", Osinski said.

"They were willing at one point in their lives to give their lives for us", said Ken Divens, 17.

Family members, and friends of Veterans interred at the Cemetery will be invited to place wreaths on the grave sites of their loved ones.

Upon placement of the wreaths, volunteers also saluted in front of each grave.

Veterans Honored with Christmas Wreaths

"Thanks to the generosity of the people in the Flathead Valley, and their donations as we stood out in front of super markets all summer, we were able to purchase a thousand wreaths to place on Veterans graves".

"Last year was a blizzard, I wouldn't trade it for the world", she said. She said much of the credit should go to Faxon who used the local media to spread the word of the event and why it's important.

"Our goal today is not to remember their deaths but to remember their lives", Harris said during the ceremony. "This is just a good thing to do". Mitchell National Cemetery Saturday afternoon and was hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The EBPD and the New Jersey State Police made sure that the wreaths made it safely to the local exchange point where the wreath truck drivers exchanged truck keys with new drivers, honored and remembered veterans with remarks, and departed on the next stretch of the journey.

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