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Trump, Putin Welcome Foiled Terror Attack as Positive Example of Cooperation

July 20 2018, 06:31 | Irvin Gilbert

Trump, Putin Welcome Foiled Terror Attack as Positive Example of Cooperation

U.S. President Donald Trump

It is the second phone call between the two leaders since Thursday.

President Putin also pledged to pass on any information received about threats to the United States and its citizens from terrorists to the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to a statement from the Kremlin, Putin thanked Trump for the CIA's information on the attacks, which were to take place on Saturday at the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg and other areas of the Russian city.

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked his USA counterpart Donald Trump on Sunday for the CIA's help in thwarting a planned attack in Saint Petersburg, the second time in a week that the leaders have exchanged praise.

Putin added: "If Russian special services obtain any information on terrorist threats against the United States and its citizens, they will definitely and immediately pass it to American counterparts through partner channels".

The press office of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) reported earlier that seven members of a terrorist cell had been detained for plotting terror attacks.

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"Vladimir Putin guaranteed Donald Trump that the Russian knowledge endless supply of data identifying with terrorist dangers against the United States and it nationals, will quickly transmit to its American associates in accomplice channels", the announcement included.

Police confiscated a large number of explosives used to make homemade bombs, automatic rifles, munitions and extremist literature, the Kremlin said.

FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov said on Tuesday the country was monitoring the possible return of jihadists from Syria, a threat which has increased since Moscow's military intervention in the country.

Mr Putin has said he and President Trump are on first name terms, which is "how relations should be between people like us".

Three other men were arrested in St. Petersburg on December 14. "We would like to have Russia's help", he told reporters outside the White House.

At his annual press conference this week, Putin said allegations of Russian interference in last year's U.S. election had been "made up by people who are opposed to Trump so as to delegitimize his work". Trump was additionally made a request to forward Putin's thankfulness to CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the knowledge authorities who got the data.

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