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Trump Pushes Moore, Celebrates Himself at Florida Rally

July 20 2018, 06:33 | Perry Erickson

President Trump who endorsed Moore enjoys widespread support in Alabama

President Trump who endorsed Moore enjoys widespread support in Alabama

President Donald Trump on Friday urged voters to elect a Republican Senate candidate in Alabama who has been dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct, warning that America "cannot afford" to have a Democrat win the hard-fought campaign instead.

Trump said Moore's opponent, Doug Jones, is a "liberal Democrat" who would be "completely controlled" by Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi in the House and Chuck Schumer in the Senate.

Moore has come under fire in the past day for comments about slavery and Vladimir Putin, but the President made it clear tonight that the Republicans "cannot afford" to lose a seat in the Senate. Last week we learned he started dating his wife, Kayla, before she was done divorcing her first husband.

Jones needs to energize the state's Democratic base, which consists primarily of black voters and white progressives in urban areas, and also peel away some votes that would typically go to a Republican. That would be the pony-riding, Psalm-thumping, hypocrisy-oozing Roy Moore of Alabama. Do you know the yearbook? "There was a little mistake made".

"How many people here are from the great state of Alabama?"

Moore's campaign has been battling allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct, harassment or dated women when they were teenagers in the 1970s when he was an assistant district attorney in Etowah County, with the youngest alleged victim being 14 years old at the time.

"We can not afford, the future of this country can not afford to lose the seat", Mr Trump said, referring to his party's razor-thin 52-48 advantage in that chamber of Congress.

"Did you see that?" he asked. "I'm sorry, but just to keep the Democrats out", she said is her reasoning.

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"We want people coming into our country who love our people, support our economy, and embrace our values", Trump said.

Steve Bannon, former chief White House strategist and ardent Moore supporter, presents the election as a choice between Trump and his 2016 presidential election rival Hillary Clinton.

Friday's campaign rally was Trump's first since September, when he went to Alabama to campaign for Sen.

Several candidates are running write-in bids, and the secretary of state's office says such votes won't be counted unless the total number of write-in ballots exceeds the difference between the two leading candidates once other votes are tallied. US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a fellow Republican, tried everything to get a defiant Moore to drop out.

Ivey's predecessor, Robert Bentley, appointed then-Attorney General Luther Strange to the seat and said the election would coincide with the 2018 scheduled elections.

Trump said the United States has "thousands of people right now under surveillance", without offering more details. But if occupying the low ground continues to work for Trump and his allies, will it matter?

The boisterous crowds inside the Pensacola Bay Center and their enthusiastic reactions during Trump's speech resembled the days of the presidential campaign previous year. If there was truth in them, he should withdraw, he said.

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