Декабря 14 2017

Some Google Home Mini units crashing when streaming music at high volumes

Декабря 14 2017, 10:43 | Alexander Lowe

Get local help with your Google Assistant - Google Blog

Google Assistant can now help you find a plumber and other local services

The former has since been released and is essentially a smaller version of the Google Home, while the latter has yet to be released and is basically a larger Google Home.

The blog post focused heavily on home services, though the move fits more broadly into Google's broader strategy of helping Assistant cater results more locally for users.

The Google Home Mini is a fine product and an excellent first step for anyone that wants to dip their toes into the world of smart speakers. Still, you wouldn't expect it to crash and burn, not literally thankfully, when you do use it for rocking out to your favorite music.

Whatever your reason for using the Home Mini for playing music, don't do it at high, and especially maximum, volume.

The Google Home Mini is a no-brainer at it's $49 price point, and even more so at the $29 price it'll carry through the end of the year.

It makes ideal sense to get more than one Home Mini too, so you can place them around your home and have smart home control wherever you. However, some people are having their Home Minis crash and reboot when certain songs are played at too high a volume.

Google has already been made aware of the issue but is still gathering reports and trying to figure it out as well.

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