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Selena Gomez Cries Through Emotional Billboard Women in Music Speech

December 18 2017, 02:52 | Perry Erickson

Try Not to Cry Watching Selena Gomez's Emotional Billboard Woman of the Year Speech

Селена Гомес поразила Сеть образом 13-летней девочки

The reason for her emotion was because of who had handed her the award: her best friend, actor Francia Raisa, who had given her a kidney earlier this year to aid Gomez in her battle against Lupus.

Her focus on the present and on finding what is meaningful in life extends to other parts of her life as well, like grappling with fame and deciding to focus on herself instead of on how others see her. That Q&A (read it here) generated several intention-setting mantras, including "I want to live a life that's worth living" and "I'm actually grateful for who I am".

Accepting the award, Gomez said that she was grateful for all the support she has received throughout her career. The media reported that Gomez have never dramatically changed its image, but still dyed her hair blond.

SelGo was also asked how she feels about women in Hollywood coming forward about being sexually abused/harassed in the past. I'm good, I'm really good. The 25-year-old faced serious (and understandable) backlash, because the 82-year-old was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was just seven years old. Honestly, that whole experience made me look at life a little differently. "It was really hard in the beginning", she admitted.

"I'm proudest of not becoming jaded", she said.

Selena Gomez just wrapped filming on a movie called A Rainy Day in NY, which was run by one of the most controversial directors in Hollywood, Woody Allen.

"I do feel like I earned it". In acting and in film, you're around a much more stable community.

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