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Proposed GOP tax plan hurts current and future grad students

July 21 2018, 12:12 | Alonzo Simpson

Proposed GOP tax plan hurts current and future grad students

Proposed GOP tax plan hurts current and future grad students

Graduate students walked out on campuses across the country to protest the Republican tax plan, although the version now making its way through the U.S. Senate does not contain the tax on graduate student tuition.

"It means a take-home pay of close to $20,000 for the majority of graduate students", she said. Though the measures affecting higher education are not included in the Senate bill, there is no promise that they will not be added during the reconciliation phase with the House bill.

"We were one of a network of graduate student unions across the country that have been organizing events over the past few weeks as part of a nationwide movement to address the highly problematic provisions of the GOP tax plan", Lin told CNN.

"The bill would basically make graduate education pretty much untenable for people who aren't independently employed, and what this demonstration at Rutgers and on a national level is doing is showing that graduate students are integral to the function of the University", she said. I shouldn't have to drop out of grad school.

Students chanted "one, two, three, four, tax the rich and not the poor!" and "two, four, six, eight, educate and agitate!" As such, cuts in our pay will affect our everyday lives, making it hard for us to complete our degrees.

However, as NPR's All Things Considered points out, many grad students would see a "massive tax hike" with the House version of the tax plan. "We're fundamental at every university", student Lacey Schauwecker said.

He was disappointed with the University's response to the graduate students' concerns.

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Vetri Velan, a campus doctoral student and author of the analysis of the tax bill that estimates that it would raise UC Berkeley teaching assistants' taxes by 61 percent, shed light on the details of the policy during the protest.

"The most dramatic effect would be felt by students from low-income groups, and those that accumulated a significant student loan burden prior to coming to graduate school", Barclay said. "In fact, I have spoken to several secretaries of college presidents who work for much lower pay than they could find elsewhere but who choose the college setting because they could send their children to the college for free", said Don Francis, president of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania. Since their stipends are around, or even below the poverty line, grad students end up paying very little in taxes.

For example, the Medical Center Graduate Student Organization has a volunteer program that allows us to teach science to young students in D.C. public schools. A major research university may invest $400,000 or more for each graduate student, through financial support including tuition scholarships and stipends. "But we want members of Congress to know that this has an impact that is very broad across many, many institutions of higher education". He said the bill would more than double his taxes.

The provision would affect more than 8,000 graduate and professional students across Iowa's public universities, the letter stated.

Note: Republican Senate leaders hope to bring the proposed tax plan to the Senate floor for a vote by Friday.

In the languages departments, for instance, it's graduate students who have the most contact with first-year undergraduate students. It aims to support higher education and show how vital grad students are to society. To this end, I want to assure IU faculty, graduate students, staff, and other members of the IU community that our government relations team is working tirelessly here in IN and in Washington to help our representatives understand the implications of this legislation.

Whether we are interested in health sciences or computing, in art history or economics, the discoveries that move us have all been shaped by graduate student hands. "The legislation takes important steps to help more Americans access the education, regardless of where they work - from dramatically simplifying the complex maze of higher education provisions that exist today to strengthening education savings tools".

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