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Mobile wants to disrupt the cable TV industry next

June 21 2018, 06:40 | Alonzo Simpson

Mobile wants to disrupt the cable TV industry next

Mobile wants to disrupt the cable TV industry next

The new service will combine streaming TV and online video at a lower cost and doesn't restrict customers to lengthy contracts or bundles that include channels or content they don't want to watch. "It's easier for wireless carriers to sell TV over the internet than it is for cable companies to sell it over wireless".

Shares in T-Mobile rose 1.2% to 64.27 on the stock market today. But unless he's got a serious rabbit to pull out of his hat, T-Mobile just consigned to join a vMVPD race that is already well underway. Mainly, the company's announcement focused on trash-talking incumbent "Big Cable and Satellite TV" and asserting that the market is ripe for disruption. T-Mobile isn't wrong in pointing all of that out, as the TV industry is indeed the worst.

Right now we know very little about T-Mobile's upcoming TV service, so it's tough to have much of an opinion about the service itself.

Bellevue, Washington-based T-Mobile (Nasdaq: TMUS) says it will enter the $100 billion paid TV industry with its new multi-channel service after the Layer3 TV acquisition closes early next year. David Fellows, a former Comcast Chief Technology Officer, co-founded Layer3 TV with Jeffrey Binder in 2013.

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I'm new to Layer3 TV, but it appears to be a cable box of sorts that connects throughout your house using additional wireless points.

The wireless carrier showed off a video clip showcasing a mockup of its TV service's user interface, which is (unsurprisingly) extremely pink.

T-Mobile will continue to support Layer3 TV's current model in the cities where it's now available and plans to grow its reach across the country, executives said. He promises 250 channels of cable, along with Internet entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu.T-Mobile now offers some of its customers free Netflix service, which costs $7.99 to $13.99 monthly.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. More likely, the service will be offered separately in various tiers depending on how many channels, with the data usage zero-rated for T-Mobile's own wireless customers.

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