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Kate Winslet, Stephen Colbert Reenact 'Titanic' Ending

July 21 2018, 12:22 | Perry Erickson



Having discussed her acting career thus far, from her first role in 1994's Heavenly Creatures up to her latest film Wonder Wheel and the upcoming Avatar sequels, host Stephen put her to the test with a quiz on the film that made her famous.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Winslet's star turn and one of the most popular romantic dramas to hit the silver screen, Colbert asked her a bunch of questions about the film that covered everything from her hypothermia to which scene her son hasn't seen to CĂ©line Dion.

James Cameron, the writer, director and producer of the Oscar winning film "Titanic" (1997), has finally broken his silence about the highly disputed Jack's death and its connecting door theory. Alright, Alright, Alright was fantastic, Winslet knows that casting him would have obviously changed things, and that the movie we all love "would have been a totally different film". She similarly said these on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" back in February 2016 that Jack "could have actually fitted on that bit of door". "I fully lie. I hold my hand up and I let him go", Winslet conceded. She said, "Come on, darling".

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While Winslet admitted she could have saved her fictional lover in the scene, she could not have stopped herself from shivering while filming it.

Secondly: Let Winslet's howl of triumph serve as further confirmation that, yes, we all wanted this to be the ending of Titanic.

"Yeah, I was really f-cking cold", she exclaimed in a "lightning round" of questions written by massive "Titanic" fans on Colbert's staff. "And I personally think that there was plenty of room on there!"

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