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Bayonetta 3 announced, Bayonetta 1 and 2 coming to Switch

January 22 2018, 12:32 | Alexander Lowe

Bayonetta 3 exclusive to Switch announced.

Bayonetta 3 In Development For Switch: 1 + 2 Releasing In February

The Bayonetta Special Edition comes with a physical copy of Bayonetta 2 and a download code for the first Bayonetta. But, if past installments are any indication, this new entry should be an action-adventure hack and slash title.

While we know nothing about Bayonetta 3 other than its existence, we do know that the first two Bayonetta games already have a release date.

There hasn't been a Bayonetta game out since Bayonetta 2 came out exclusively for the Wii U in 2014, three years ago.

Bayonetta started out as a multi-platform release. Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive, and just a few short months after Platinum claimed they wanted to make a third game, it's become a reality.

Unfortunately, at less than a minute long, the Bayonetta 3 teaser trailer is incredibly brief.

Europe is getting a similar package, but it appears the original Bayonetta won't be included physically, but as a download from the Nintendo eShop. Team up with a friend to take it on - online or off. This new port will have online and local support for Tag Climax co-op, amiibo functionality of some sort (more costumes?), and up-to-30-second video recordings through the Switch's capture feature.

Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 (together in one package) costs $49.99 at retail.

It's not known when Bayonetta 3 will arrive, with the trailer simply stating that it's "in development". Keep checking back for more info as we get it.

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