Декабря 14 2017

That's your job: CNN to Donald Trump

Декабря 14 2017, 10:48 | Irvin Gilbert

Fox News much more important than CNN: Trump

Trump angry that people take CNN seriously when Fox News is 'much more important'

During Trump's trip to Asia two weeks ago, the president resurrected his attacks against Comey and called him a proven "liar" and "leaker" while speaking with reporters in the press cabin on Air Force One.

On Saturday, Trump sent a tweet that again criticized CNN, although he also recognized the network's worldwide influence. In a lengthy tweet, Mr Trump on Sunday alleged that CNN represents United States to the world very poorly. As of Saturday evening, the site was unavailable due to technical difficulties. As reported by RawStory, some critics believe that Trump is trying to derail the deal because of his personal animosity towards CNN.

CNN global was prompt in replying back.

CNN analyst John Kirby came to the network's defense, noting that CNN International has long recruited "world-class journalists" who take big risks to tell hard stories. However, Times was prompt to deny the report. Norm Eisen, a former chief White House ethics lawyer, suggested that the president's words might hurt his Justice Department's legal case against the AT&T merger with CNN's parent company, Time Warner Inc. Former FBI director James Comey also seemed to weigh in on the president's words when he tweeted about the freedom of the press. Some see the move as an effort to hand the network over to a conservative buyer, like Rupert Murdoch. However, they negatively represent the country in the world.

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