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Police have 'subject in custody' following stabbings at Mall of America

February 22 2018, 04:23 | Irvin Gilbert


Stabbing Confirmed at Mall of America

A suspect attempting to steal personal items from a men's dressing room at Macy's at the Mall of America stabs two people.

Authorities say at least one person has been stabbed.

Jolene Situma said she was in the Macy's store when the incident occurred in the men's section.

The suspect in custody is being held on two counts of probable first-degree assault.

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One of the victims was trying on clothes with a group of friends or family members in the men's department at Macy's shortly before 6:45 p.m.

Others in the party disarmed and restrained Abdiraham until police arrived, according to police.

The Mall of America said in a statement that their "thoughts are with the families involved".

The pair attempted to stop him, prompting the man to pull a knife.

Cops wrote on Twitter that the suspect, who was also injured, was taken into custody.

Both victims had sustained non-life threatening injuries and were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, police said and added the suspect may have received superficial wounds.

"He saw the man walking through before, talking to himself, really really loudly talking to himself", Schwieters said. He got me!'. I knew something was not right.

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