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Pixel 2 XL screen flashes whenever you lock or unlock

February 22 2018, 04:20 | Guillermo Bowen

Google Assistant’s “What’s this song?” trigger rolling out soon By Ida Torres

Google Assistant’s “What’s this song?” trigger rolling out soon
       By Ida Torres

She says that her Pixel 2 XL's screen would flash white when the phone is being unlocked, when the screen wakes up to show notifications, when it locks by itself and when she manually locks it. Lately, a handful of Pixel 2, Galaxy S8, and even Galaxy Note 8 owners have noticed their mics being a bit quiet, and there's a really simple fix for that...

The time was right, Google launched its flagship smartphones - Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL just a month ago to compete with Cupertino giant's mighty iPhones.

There were some reports that the promo will only have free Google Home Minis in their standard, off-white Chalk color as part of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL pre-order bonus. Problems with the Google Pixel 2 Mic have been acknowledged, though no official solution has been suggested by Google. Have you had to deal with Pixel 2 or 2 XL issues? Still, some users are reporting that Zerid's method worked for them, so while it isn't a long-term solution, it could help as you wait for an RMA replacement from Google.

Pixel 2 XL users have reported the issue on Pixel User Community. The latest one that has surfaced is related to the bigger Pixel 2 XL model.

Some Pixel 2 owners have reported unresponsive microphones during calls or while using voice assistant. While the smaller version of Google Pixel 2 XL, i.e. the Google Pixel 2 isn't facing any similar problems, the former has quite a few complaints of a longer charging period than is stated by Google.

A number of users have reported that blowing into the bottom speaker or USB port seems to solve the microphone issue. This doesn't happen all the time. This could still be a hardware related issue that's directly tied to Android Oreo. "Blowing into the speaker when the microphone is working causes it to fail", Zeird wrote.

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