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Would You Let Amazon Have a Key to Your House?

June 21 2018, 12:45 | Alexander Lowe

AmazonA sample text message is shown here demonstrating how a customer can initiate in-home delivery for their packages using Amazon Key

AmazonA sample text message is shown here demonstrating how a customer can initiate in-home delivery for their packages using Amazon Key

"Amazon Key" is reserved for clients Premium Amazon, that is to say, paying a subscription giving them access to digital content (films and series, music, books...) and free shipping. In fact, the Key app will notify you when the delivery goes down and show you an instant replay. In fact, it led Christine Emba to expound a bit on the observation that "Amazon Key is Silicon Valley at its most out-of-touch" in the Washington Post (which, of course, is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos). A courier could easily accidentally let your house cat into the wild; and an overzealous dog might be seen as threatening to an unsuspecting delivery person.

Now, it's worth pointing out that Amazon Key isn't compatible with other security systems you already have in your home.

Amazon knows that it's asking a lot of consumers with its new Key service. The Cloud Cam can also be bought separately for $119.99 here.

For Amazon, the in-home delivery service helps it enter the fast-growing home security camera market, competing with Google's Nest cameras, said Martin Garner, a device and internet analyst at CCS Insight. On Twitter, users were quick to point out that missing a delivery was a minor inconvenience compared to the anxieties that would come with allowing strangers into your empty house.

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The system, which includes a keyless entry door lock, a video camera and real-time notification to watch the event as it happens, may deliver peace of mind to some customers by thwarting the growing problem of porch pirating - thieves that swipe packages before they get to the rightful recipient. "No access codes or keys are ever provided to delivery drivers", according to Amazon's release. It's also a way for Amazon to entice you to prioritise its services.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Amazon was trying to work out how to deliver packages inside their customers' homes and vehicle trunks in an attempt to stop package theft.

When actual deliveries are made, couriers are instructed to open the door far enough to slide packages in and not enter the home if possible.

"Amazon continues to carve out its niche as more than just a retailer, it's a way of life, and one that encompasses the spirit of personalization", Patel noted.
The courier will need to scan the package's barcode, with the information sent to Amazon's cloud. Amazon says that to start, it'll only work in 37 cities and that it comes at no extra cost to you (even home setup is free by a professional). "I'm just not sure this is the one people are ready for yet". Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Alexa are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon. Once, they swipe the screen, your door unlocks and they will place your package inside and swipe again on their phone to lock the door.

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