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Trump Responds to Michael Moore's Broadway Show

July 19 2018, 05:25 | Perry Erickson

Trump Responds to Michael Moore's Broadway Show

Trump Responds to Michael Moore's Broadway Show

President Donald Trump and filmmaker Michael Moore have gotten into a Twitter spat following the closure of Moore's one-man show on Broadway.

The latest target is MI native and filmmaker Michael Moore, whose one-man Broadway play, "The Terms of My Surrender", goes after Trump in a big way.

POTUS tweeted Saturday that Moore's Broadway debut in "The Terms of My Surrender" was a flop, but Playbill claimed to fact-check the information, and published a report saying Trump's claim was not accurate.

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Moore criticized Trump for going after him instead of tweeting about issues of national importance, such as soldiers who were getting killed in the "never-ending war" in Afghanistan or the people of Puerto Rico still living without electricity after Hurricane Maria tore through the area last month. "You must have my smash hit of a Broadway show confused with your presidency - which IS a total bomb and WILL indeed close early".

Back In August, the film maker brought the actual show's target audience to the Trump Tower located in "The Big Apple" New York City, in order to object to the president's response to deadly physical violence back in a march, the town of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia. "NOT SAD", he tweeted. "You, our President, are not even aware of this". R u trying 2 distract us from this? Yet u are more upset that so many ppl saw my B'way show. SAD. As announced on May 1st, it was always a "12-WEEK-ONLY" run, due to my commitments to my upcoming primetime TV series & my new movie.

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