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The Daily Show Rips Fox News for Sexual Misconduct News Hypocrisy

July 19 2018, 05:27 | Perry Erickson

The Daily Show Rips Fox News for Sexual Misconduct News Hypocrisy

The Daily Show Rips Fox News for Sexual Misconduct News Hypocrisy

Monday night, in his No Spin News webcast available to premium subscribers on his website, O'Reilly continued to fight the allegations against him, even going so far as to criticize God. That is, Noah called out Fox News for its double standard in covering the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal versus how they handled host Bill O'Reilly. I wish I had more protection.

Or at least, Bolling is no longer mad at O'Reilly, according to a Twitter exchange the two had late Monday afternoon.

Bolling disputed O'Reilly's account of the facts surrounding his son's death and his relationship with Fox News and then told him it was inappropriate to mention his son, according to the Daily Beast. Despite the settlement with Wiehl, Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox gave him a new contract.

In the past, O'Reilly has blamed reports of his sexual misconduct on a politically motivated media. No one is happy except for the pundits of Fox News, that is, as they gleefully seize upon the story to demonstrate liberals' problems with covering up sexual abuse, regardless of their own network's history of the same thing.

In response to a New York Times article on a $32 million settlement with Lis Wiehl - and a letter by Ms. Kelly on his "attitude of shaming women" - Mr. O'Reilly produced evidence to back his claims.

"It's been a horrendous experience", Fox News' one-time top-rated host said of reports that he or the network had paid out a total of $45 million to six women to settle sexual harassment allegations against him. "I was truly touched - I know how busy you are, especially that time of day".

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In what he said to the Times' about Bolling's son, O'Reilly clearly expected to find an understanding ally in his former Fox colleague.

In a statement to the Times' Emily Steel, Bolling said "I believe it is beyond inappropriate for anyone to bring in the tragic death of my son Eric Chase Bolling".

"Eric Bolling is a stand up guy who deserves the respect I have for him", O'Reilly added in a follow-up tweet.

He also said that his parting with Fox News "was in no way connected to the tragic news of my son's passing". And thank you for the darling bodysuits + snuggly - it's hard to believe we'll soon have a little human being in our lives tiny enough to fit in there.

O'Reilly has said previously that he wished he hadn't settled such cases.

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