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Paris Games Week PSVR trailer roundup: Final Fantasy fishing and more

February 22 2018, 04:29 | Alexander Lowe

SONY Paris Games Week 7 NEW PS4 announcements coming from Sony on Monday

Paris Games Week 7 NEW PS4 announcements coming from Sony on Monday

It seems the original hero of Spelunky has grown old and has had a child, presumably the child will become the protagonist of the sequel.

Today, indie developer Heavy Spectrum announced Oure during the pre-show for Sony's 2017 Paris Games Week Conference and also revealed that the title will be releasing on PS4 later today. Derek Yu of Mossmouth confirmed on the PlayStation Blog.

Apart from the trailer above, we don't know much about Spelunky 2. Or perhaps that we are going spelunking in space this time around? "For now, I'll leave it to your imagination what it all means, but I will say that there are similarities between being a parent and working on a sequel". This year's event falling in the same week the company's great rival released "the most powerful games console ever made" was evidently an accident of timing too good to turn down, however. With Spelunky 2, we get a chance to examine in depth what makes Spelunky unique and draw it out even more.

If you're wondering why this curious squib of an event happened at all then the answer then remember, remember the seventh of November, gunpowder, treason and Microsoft's plot to launch their Xbox One X console.

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