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Microsoft Stops Production Of The Xbox One Kinect

July 19 2018, 05:14 | Guillermo Bowen

Pour one out for the Kinect!

The original Kinect was released on the Xbox 360 during a time when motion controls were all the rage.

Nonetheless, Kinect has sold over 35 million units since its 2010 debut.

With the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft chose to couple the device with the console. However, this resulted in high price of the overall bundle, which meant while Sony was selling PS4s hand over fist, Microsoft was struggling to get the Xbox One off the shelves.

Big franchises - like, say, the Halo games - never made the leap to Kinect's active style of play, at least in any kind of ground-breaking way that could validate the device's use for developers.

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Arguably, Kinect paved the way for devices like Siri and Alexa that are commonplace today.

The launch of a Windows SDK for the camera gave the project a small boost in research circles, where its depth-sensing capabilities were used to create everything from a sword-fighting robot to a cheap 3D scanner. Using a series of infrared dots for room mapping and the ability to recognize 31 different body parts, the device's incredible tracking ability absolutely dwarfed the technical prowess of both the Wii and the PlayStation Move.

Although Microsoft provided improved hardware in new the version of Kinect, yet it didn't receive much love from gamers. The device is still compatible with Xbox One systems, and will continue to have support via updates.

In an exclusive interview with Co.Design, two of Microsoft's executives revealed that production on the Xbox One's Kinect was no longer active. Kinect units now out in the wild are the last ones folks can buy. This is the reason the news didn't come as a surprise to us as once considered as a market changing product, Kinect had it coming anytime seeing the current market trend.

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