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Incredible moment Florida detective captures 2.7 metre long yellow anaconda

November 22 2017, 06:03 | Irvin Gilbert

WATCH | Detective wrangles 9-foot anaconda with her bare hands

Video shows a 'crazy' cop capturing a 9-foot anaconda, then stuffing it in a bag

While she is maneuvering the boa the man filming her says: "Emily Shaw you are insane, you are insane girl!" She and other officers came face to face with a 9-foot long yellow anaconda near Tallahassee recently.

The sheriff's office shared the video on the agency's Facebook page. It shows the detective first prodding the snake gently with a thick branch.

"Ms. Shaw you are cra-zy", he said in the video. Shaw then slowly drags it to a duffel bag as the anaconda tries to curl its tail around her hand. She makes the whole thing look easy but the video seems quite intense.

The massive snake is believed to be someone's pet that either escaped or was released. "If you own an exotic pet - please be responsible".

A Florida detective responded to an unusual call on Wednesday, but it was one that she apparently knew how to handle.

Deputies say that instead of releasing pets, owners should contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They also had a foster family on standby for the anaconda.

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