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Falcons top Jets to snap three-game losing streak

July 19 2018, 05:26 | Van Peters

Halftime Analysis Falcons looking sloppy again vs. Jets

Halftime Analysis Falcons looking sloppy again vs. Jets

The Atlanta Falcons will look to avoid being swept by all four AFC East teams as they take on the New York Jets tomorrow. As was expected, the unrelenting rain made it hard on both team's offenses, but it's hard to imagine the Jets would have fared much better had the weather been pristine. But Ryan and the Falcons (4-3) rallied in the second half, outscoring the Jets 12-3 in the final two quarters and slipping and sliding to a victory.

The Saints now have a 4-2 record.

SUPER BOWL HANGOVER?: With Atlanta mired in a three-game slump, some media and fans wondered if the Falcons' season was about to spiral. Time will tell and it may tell as early as tomorrow.

They'll face a divisional opponent for the first time on Sunday when they hit the road for the third week in a row to take on the Carolina Panthers (5-3).

"I think he'd [Morton] probably say because he's more of a pass-type of guy, coming from New Orleans, where they're in a dome and you have Drew Brees, of course, throwing the ball", Forte said.

But doesn't coach Dan Quinn always preach, more than anything, handling business in the division? One of the biggest issues with Kerley is he tends to drop easy passes on a weekly basis and as of late, barely gets even five passes thrown his way.

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"Most definitely he does", Jones said.

Next up for the Jets is home game against the division rival Bills on Thursday night. But there were doubts as to whether this year's squad would be a playoff-caliber team.

The Jets, though, haven't been particularly effective running the ball.

"Outside, there was a lot of noise, but there wasn't inside", Quinn said.

Quinn had nothing but praise for the run defense, which held the Jets to a season-low 43 yards on 22 carries. "Just really consistent, everybody doing their job, that was kind of their mantra this week and I thought they really nailed that". "I don't think we ran the ball enough with this weather being the way it was".

"(There) should have been at least one person getting 20 carries, something like that, with the way the weather was", said Forte, who had four carries for 7 yards.

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