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And is this the new Taylor?

July 19 2018, 05:25 | Perry Erickson

But in a new sneak peak of her Ready For It music video that was released on Monday in the states, the songstress bares all and goes completely naked.

Many have praised Taylor for having the confidence to do it and some even think it could be a way to take back "ownership" of her body after Kanye West used a nude wax figure of her in the video for his 2016 song Famous.

The Telegraph and Daily Mail criticised the pop star's video for her "shocking" nude suit, reminding readers that she had once claimed that she did not need to remove her clothes to sell records.

In the teaser, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe, she is filmed walking down a corridor with a hood over her head before transforming into a robot or cyborg-like being.

"I was browsing Facebook and saw that Taylor Swift posted a promo for her upcoming music video, "...

Taylor Swift looks sensational in her sexiest photos ever.

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The full video drops on Thursday - but is everyone Ready For It?

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On Sunday, Taylor held a listening party for fans at her home in Los Angeles, where she previewed tracks off her forthcoming sixth album "Reputation". Fans also made theories about the song's connection to Swift's current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, or ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles.

She released the third song, "Gorgeous", last Friday (Oct. 20).

However, it appears it could actually be a nude bodysuit that she is in actual fact wearing.

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