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Tennessee sends 91 rescue workers to help in Texas hurricane

June 23 2018, 11:17 | Irvin Gilbert

Tennessee sends 91 rescue workers to help in Texas hurricane

City firefighters Micah Haven left and Dave Werbinski prepare water-rescue gear early Thursday for a trip to the Texas disaster zone. The mission is expected to last about 10 days

The Charlotte Fire Department is preparing to send a swift water rescue team to Texas Thursday to assist in rescuing victims trapped in Harvey floodwaters. The swift water team left Virginia Sunday afternoon, driving to Texas in an overnight convoy.

Haslam said he's not surprised, but he's impressed at how quickly people were willing to take on the task.

Between contaminated flood water and reports of smoke rising from a chemical plant in nearby Crosby, Texas, the team faces some risk - but Cannon says the crew is bringing some decontamination equipment.

The group is the latest from East Tennessee to volunteer to help in Texas.

It is unclear how long the VFRS members will be in Texas, but Gormick says it'll depend on how many operational periods this crisis will last for.

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"After supporting fire suppression operations here in California and recently participating in a large scale exercise in Alaska, the 129th is ready to deploy its life-saving capabilities to another region of the country", said Col. Daniel Lapostole, 129th Rescue Wing vice commander.

"This is kind of a little bit of our payback. We needed assistance and got help and now we're offering".

Kansas Task Force -8 (Salina Firefighters) along with the Saline County Sheriff's Office have deployed with 5 team members and 2 Deputies to the rescue efforts in Texas and Louisiana.

"All these folks here have family, they have kids, so they're actually leaving a whole lot behind for about 12 days".

Mobile Fire spokesman, Steve Huffman, says the team has experience dealing with similar situations. "They've taken a whole lot of time from their lives since Friday just to pre-plan this", he said.

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