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Suspected Columbus, Ohio, high school shooter arrested

February 22 2018, 04:32 | Irvin Gilbert

Police responded to Scioto High School in Columbus on Friday morning

Police responded to Scioto High School in Columbus on Friday morning

Columbus police say a gun was recovered and that no one was injured.

Police in Columbus, Ohio said an arrest has been made after an active shooter situation at a high school Friday morning.

The entire incident was over within minutes, however, thanks to the actions of a school employee, police said.

Investigators are still working to determine whether shots were fired inside or outside of the building, however police said the suspect was approached inside of the school.

WCMH reports that the 18-year-old is now being questioned at police headquarters. Presently, the police office said via web-based networking media that SWAT officers had one individual in care.

School officials say students attending Columbus Scioto have emotional, social or behavioral challenges.

A staff member "was able to talk to that person while he was still armed, and at least calm him down long enough for us to take him into custody", Columbus Police Chief Kimberly Jacobs told a news conference.

Columbus City Schools said that classes have been canceled for the day, and that students have been transported to Linmoor Education Center on Hamilton Ave. "They just pat us down everywhere to make sure there's nothing on us".

The suspect was arrested around 9:15.

"Excellent job by our officers!" the tweet stated.

First call@8:33AM. Arrest@8:58 AM.

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