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India known for IT skills, but Pak for terrorism: Swaraj at UNGA

January 19 2018, 01:44 | Irvin Gilbert

India seeks probe into nuclear links between Pak, N Korea

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In its reply, India's first secretary to the United Nations, Eenam Gambhir, said Pakistan had no right to raise the Kashmir issue on global forums.

She didn't stop there.Intermittently sipping from a glass of water, Swaraj proceeded to first argue that the Pakistan was responsible for stalling the bilateral dialogue and then chastise India's nuclear-armed neighbor for supporting terrorism. Swaraj was addressing a trilateral meeting of India, Brazil and South Africa. We have marched ahead, consistently, without pause, in Education, Health and across the range of human welfare. She said, it is necessary for SAARC region's survival that all nations eliminate the scourge of terrorism in all its forms, without any discrimination, and end the ecosystem of its support. She said: "There have been multiple governments in India since Independence, but all worked towards the development of the country unlike Pakistan".

"Those listening had only one observation: 'Look who's talking!'", Swaraj said. Ms Swaraj also asked Pakistani leaders to introspect, reminding them that though both countries became independent at the same time, India is globally known as an IT superpower, and Pakistan, "as the pre-eminent export factory for terror". "If we cannot agree to define our enemy, how can we fight together?" The India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) group's ministerial meeting, which was presided over by Sushma Swaraj, "called for a comprehensive and determined global action", including "the early conclusion and adoption of the CCIT to address the menace".

On Thursday, Pakistan's prime minister accused India of war crimes in the disputed Kashmir region, calling for an United Nations investigation. "We created IITs, IIMs, AIIMS while Pakistan created LeT, Haqqanis, JeM, Hizbul Mujahideen", she said, referring to Pakistan-based terror groups. Pakistan must answer why it spurned this offer, she added, according to The Hindu.

The External Affairs Minister said, regional cooperation can only be successful if it meets the expectations of the people.

She stated several present crises in the world like terrorism, climate change, hatred, security issues need to be solved for the progress of the nation. "While a doctor saves lives, jihadis kill", she said.

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