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Google is seemingly holding its big Pixel event on October 4

July 19 2018, 04:49 | Alexander Lowe

Some of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017 have already happened, leaving only two major announcements from Huawei and Google. There still are a few weeks to go until the launch of Google's new smartphones, so we will probably find out more about them before the launch event.

Google does not want to be left behind in launching new smart phones.

Stay Tuned with us. Google then asks for your email address to sign up for more information.

The Google event will come shortly after Apple begins shipping new iPhone 8 models unveiled this week at an event at the company's new "spaceship" campus in Silicon Valley. Apple says the iPhone X is the future of the smartphone: a future wherein all smartphones would be a long continuous sheet of glass with an edge-to-edge display and no physical buttons. One of those assumptions was that the phone would come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836, but it turns out that there would be no processor like that made.

Why is my phone always out of storage?

Google files to appeal $2.73BN EU antitrust fine
At the time of the ruling, the tech giant had said it "respectfully" disagreed with the findings and would consider an appeal. The company declined to give further details of its appeal.

As for the video teasing the October 4 announcement, it's a series of questions that hint at some of the problems the Pixel 2 will likely solve: battery life, storage, blurry photos, AI, automatic updates, slowness (performance), heat, durability, etc. "Why doesn't my phone understand me?" and "Why can't my phone update itself?".

Why is my smartphone so slow/hot/fragile/annoying/broken/cruel/impersonal/dumb? And while the invite doesn't specifically mention the new Pixel 2, that's exactly what we expect to see. These hints suggest that the dissatisfied phone users should wait for October 4, which is, of course, Google Pixel 2 release date.

According to the Verge, press invites for Google's event on october 4 have been sent out, which means the company will reveal the Pixel 2 on that day.

The original Pixel, which launched in October 2016, replaced the Nexus as Google's premium phone line. Instances of the device's battery shutting down abruptly have been reported on numerous occasions, while some 6P owners got lucky with a free Pixel replacement from Google. The bigger of the two devices is expected to sport a screen that is as large as 6-inches.

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