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Xbox One X Pre-Orders Now Available

March 24 2018, 07:59 | Guillermo Bowen

As expected, Microsoft divulged Xbox One X preorder details during a livestream prelude to the annual Gamescom show in Cologne, Germany.

While Minecraft started on PC its growth has been exponential moving quickly to smartphones, tablets, portable games consoles and then of course Microsoft's Xbox One.

A second limited edition console was also showcased; The Xbox One S "Minecraft" Limited Edition console, with pre-orders open now.

The 1TB Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle comes with a cool paint job, a creeper-themed controller, a vertical stand and the Minecraft I Redstone pack. The console and the controller themselves will have the words "Project Scorpio" etched into them. Now available for pre-order. But at Gamescom this weekend, Microsoft also unveiled a brand new edition of the Xbox One X called the Project Scorpio Edition.

Amazon is one of the most popular stores to get the Xbox One X from. One X is compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories, with room for graphical improvements when supported.

Lastly, there will also be a Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Xbox One S bundle.

Finally, if you choose to pick up the new system, switching to it from your old Xbox One should be pretty straightforward.

The hardware components of the Xbox One X are expensive, and margins are likely razor thin at the $499.99 retail price Microsoft is charging for the new Xbox.

Shadow of War: The enemy isn't your only threat in Shadow of War. The Xbox One X's new UI design is being accompanied by an option for "Light Mode" - a toggled option which makes the UI's dark default tint into a classic white, which some Xbox 360 users may be familiar with. It already includes a Minecraft Creeper controller, which can later be bought separately alongside a controller created to look like a Minecraft Pig. The Xbox One originally launched in limited regions, and South Africa was not part of that. Pre-order customers still have to wait until November 7 to receive the Xbox One X.

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