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Usher Being Sued by Woman Claiming He Exposed Her to STD

December 16 2017, 10:31 | Perry Erickson

Quantasia Sharpton, 21 (pictured), is suing Usher for reportedly having sex with her and not telling her he had herpes

Quantasia Sharpton Usher

In front of the cameras, Quantasia Sharpton explained that she had met with the american star after one of his concerts, the evening of his 19th birthday (no specific date has been disclosed). "He never warned me about any STDs".

Sharpton and another indicter tested negative for herpes, though Bloom claims one of Usher's three most recent accusers does have it.

"'You need to warn your sex partners.so they can make their own decisions", she said. According to the report, Usher paid the woman $1.1 million and apologized for infecting her.

The company has also referenced lawsuits filed by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom on behalf of three additional accusers - two female and one male - saying it also won't pay should he succumb to those legal battles as well. Her other two clients, one woman and one man, have opted to remain anonymous.

Sharpton ad Bloom looked to filed the lawsuit in California.

Shortly after her press conference, Quantasia joined friends for a video chat and among the topics discussed was how she has a history of finessing celebrities. "Raymond's failure to rebut the numerous reports that he has Herpes has reasonably induced the Plaintiffs to believe that Raymond has the virus and that he exposed them to it".

"Raymond's failure to rebut the numerous reports that he has herpes has reasonably induced the plaintiffs to believe that Raymond has the virus and that he exposed them to it", the lawsuit claims, reports City News Service.

Summary: Usher didn't only hide his herpes diagnosis from his sexual partners, but even from his insurance company, or so the company claims. She alleges Usher's security detail spoke to her and told her the Pop Ya Collar singer wanted to meet after the gig.

"Genital herpes is highly contagious and incurable".

Bloom says that her clients are not asking for a specific amount of money, and they will be fine with whatever a jury decides to award, if they win the case. "(To keep it PG), he didn't even allow me to take my dress off before he bent me over the couch", she said. "I would never have consented if I had known", Sharpton said.

Sharpton's story quickly went the physical route after she claimed Alsina, whom she refers to as "Aug", demanded that everyone clear the room except for her.

"We hope that he has not knowingly endangered his sex partners, fans who revered him and who were thrilled to receive his personal attention", said Bloom.

Amazingly, Usher is yet to confirm or deny he has the virus and his wife is not bothered by the allegations trailing him.

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