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US Tells Citizens to Avoid Explosion Area in Pakistan's City of Lahore

July 23 2018, 05:39 | Irvin Gilbert

Pakistan by Hamza Rao | Published

Pakistan       by Hamza Rao | Published

At least 34 people were injured on Monday evening in the explosion of a truck bomb in the pakistani city of Lahore, a-t-on learned from the local authorities.

It is important to mention here that residents of the area have alleged that police were informed about the suspicious vehicle, which was parked for three days, but no action was taken.

No terror group has claimed the responsibility for the blast.

Sources said the investigators believe around 80 kilogrammes of explosives were stored in the truck, which exploded owing to moisture in the air.

The police official said that explosives were hidden in the truck which accidentally triggered around 9pm, causing damage to scores of vehicles parked in the area.

Israeli Embassy Guard Shoots and Kills 2 Jordanians
The second Jordanian, who died from his wounds in hospital, was identified as the building's landlord. Besides the security guard, the landowner of the building and the two delivery workers were present.

An eyewitness said the explosion shattered the windows of nearby buildings. The exact route of the truck from Swat to Lahore has not yet been ascertained.

Former premier was to travel to Lahore on Sunday but it was postponed until Wednesday allegedly over workers request. "At least 34 people have been injured, majority were passerby", Sumbal said, adding that the injured have been taken to two hospitals. As per reports, blast in the capital of Pakistan's Punjab province's Bund road area injured mostly women and children.

According to the police, even though no casualties are reported, a minor girl is said to be in a critical condition.

Similarly, a suicide blast on February 13 had ripped through a camp of protesting chemists in front of the Punjab Assembly, leaving 13 people dead and 70 others wounded.

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